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Have you ever felt alone, confused, overwhelmed or frustrated in your journey as a business owner?

Being in business can be lonely and too often businesses do not have the support they need for the emotional rollercoaster they will go on through the highs and lows of being in business. Sure there are business coaches, and other business advisors, but what is often needed is a mindset shift. Someone to support our mind in our journey to the top. And that is what The MindSherpa Team, can do for you and your business.

Together the Mindsherpa team have provided business advice and coached 100’s of individuals, business owners entrepreneurs and managers from many backgrounds and cultures and we are ready to take on our next adventure – YOUR BUSINESS!

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"Macushla is an amazingly knowledgeable business mentor. In the time I have been working with her I have achieved goals at a level I never dreamed possible.”
– Traci Castle, Studio Republic

“MindSHerpa worked with me abilities whilst also helping me create a positive work/life balance. I would certainly recommend them if you need help in developing a better 'you' in your career and personal life."
- Alyca Shaw




Leadership tip #1

For those of you that are experiencing difficulties with your relationships either at work or personally, there maybe a simple mathematical equation that can help you to improve relations.

Leadership Tip # 2

Shame is an emotion that we all share as humans in fact our shame helps us to be culturally acceptable and to fit in and develop community and social norms. For example the old analogy of “what will the neighbors think”