About Us

MindSherpa was founded by Macushla Montell, who was born into a family with a diversity of businesses ranging from agriculture to the rag trade and health & fitness.

Macushla opened her first business, a dance studio in Sydney at 16 years of age and after 2 years, sold it for a healthy profit. She then went on to launch her own fashion label and open a restaurant.

Macushla also worked in the airline industry obtaining a real taste of corporate culture and the importance of outstanding customer relations.

Macushla became a property millionaire in her twenties and is passionate about investing in and developing her own property portfolio. Macushla believes that awareness, responsibility, determination and a sense of humour are the keys to success.

She is an expert in human behaviour, and is highly trained in a number of modalities, including a Masters degree in Gestalt psychotherapy giving her a sharp edge over other business coaches. Macushla has mentored many business owners, high profile individuals and other coaches to achieve incredible results.

She has a vast experience in community development within organizations and has been an instrumental leader of award winning community projects for local government. She has worked with Terry Hawkins of People in Progress. Using her experience as a high performing individual, together with her amazing sense of connection to people from all walks of life, Macushla has an extraordinary way of drawing people in and delivering her powerful message. She has an ability to educate, inspire and make people laugh at the same time.